Microbiota Expertise

What is the microbiota ?

A microbiota is a set of micro-organisms (bacteria, yeasts, fungi and viruses) that lives in a particular environment. Formerly called “flora”, the microbiota is present in humans where the body is in contact with the external environment (nose, mouth, intestines, skin and vagina etc.)
Thus there is not just one but several microbiota. We talk of the nasal, buccal, intestinal, cutaneous and vaginal etc. microbiota.

The best known and the first to have been studied is the intestinal microbiota. Bacteria are the predominant type of micro-organism. Each person has his or her own intestinal microbiota, comprising around 150 – 200 different species of bacterium, representing approximately 30,000 – 100,000 billion bacteria, or 3 – 10 times more than the number of cells making up our bodies.

PiLeJe: 30 years of experience with microbiota

PiLeJe’s ability to innovate in the field of Microbiotics is made possible by its commitment to research; a key element of which is the special relationships it has developed with research institutes and centres worldwide.

PiLeJe has pioneered microbiota research since 1991

  • It develops and manufactures products in France to the highest quality standards,
  • Unique know-how with a dedicated in-house team of doctors, pharmacists, engineers, researchers with PhD-level experience, etc.,
  • Clear and safe identification of the bacterial strains: guaranteed traceability,
  • Strict attention to detail in the selection and incorporation of the strains: each strain is unique, with its own individual properties, indications and dosage,
  • Guaranteed quality control, for controlled stability through to the best before date,
  • Collaboration with the scientific community: INRA, INSERM, Institut Pasteur de Lille, University Hospitals, Universities…

The first scientific journal on microbiota
With a stable network and proven experience, Pileje started the first scientific journal on this subject, dedicated to sharing new knowledge with health care professionals and researchers.
Published three times per year, the journal is written by a scientific committee unlike any other, comprising 11 French experts from various fields (gastroenterologists, cardiologists, paediatricians, microbiologists, neurologists, endocrinologists, infectious disease specialists etc.).

Souches Microbiotiques

Development of high-quality solutions

Comprising doctors of science, medical doctors, biologists and engineers, the PiLeJe research department manages the various steps taken between the innovative concept and the end product, including the compilation of the scientific dossiers.

With our expertise acquired over the years, PiLeJe develops proven solutions compatible with each individual’s specific needs, as research advances.

In 1992, we developed and released our very first solution, LACTIBIANE Référence. Today, 13 specific microbiotic complexes are available. Each Lactibiane contains a formula designed for a specific purpose, manufactured according to strict quality criteria (choice of microbiotic strain, dosage, protection of the ingredients etc.), and is made in France in our production units.