Lactobacillus helveticus LA102

Bifidobacterium longum LA101

Lactococcus lactis LA103

Streptococcus thermophilus LA104

They are live but had been subjected to lyophilization (i.e. dried).

The resistance of our microbiotic strains to the gastric acid, pancreatic juice and bile is being tested and validated on a systematic basis.

The Lactibiane products contain no cow milk proteins.

Only Lactibiane Immuno and Buccodental contain cow's milk protein, allergen noted in bold in the list of ingredients.

There are no GMO in the Lactibiane products.

No, the Lactibiane dietary supplements contain no preservatives.

Lactibiane capsules contain no gluten.

Yes, certainly.You can pour the contents into water (in a glass).

Lactibiane Enfant contains no milk proteins.

With the exception of Lactibiane ALR, all the Lactibiane products may be used by pregnant women.However, in a case it is preferable to obtain advice to benefit from the properly adapted food supplementation.

Lactibiane ALR may be used in children starting from 6-8 years when they are capable of swallowing the capsules.We do not recommend opening the capsules due to the taste of onion and rosemary.