What is the microbiota?

The microbiota is the population of bacteria lining certain mucous membranes in the human body. Formerly referred to as the flora, it was renamed “microbiota” due to the complexity of its function and the number of organisms it contains.

One or several microbiota?

In actual fact there are different types of microbiota in the body: the microbiota of the skin, the mouth, the vagina etc. The intestinal microbiota is the largest of them, with 10^12 to 10^14 micro-organisms—2 to 10 times more than the number of cells in our body!

PiLeJe: 25 years of experience with microbiota

PiLeJe has been studying microbiota for 25 years now. A contributor to research, the company has formed preferred partnerships with French and foreign units, enabling it to continue to innovate in the field of Microbiota.

With a stable network and proven experience, Pileje started the first scientific journal on this subject, dedicated to sharing new knowledge with health care professionals and researchers.

Published three times per year, the journal is written by a scientific committee unlike any other, comprising 11 French experts from various fields (gastroenterologists, cardiologists, paediatricians, microbiologists, neurologists, endocrinologists, infectious disease specialists etc.).

Diligent research

Comprising doctors of science, medical doctors, biologists and engineers, the PiLeJe research department manages the various steps taken between the innovative concept and the end product, including the compilation of the scientific dossiers.
Our expertise acquired over the years, particularly in the field of microbiota, is a solid and reliable foundation for developing up-to-date, proven solutions compatible with each individual’s specific needs, as research advances.

Development of high-quality solutions

With 25 years of proven experience, regularly augmented with new publications and research on microbiota, PiLeJe offers microbiotas solutions containing bacterial strains of very high quality. In 1992, we developed and released our very first solution, Lactibiane Référence. Today, 13 specific microbiotic complexes are available. Each Lactibiane contains a formula designed for a specific purpose, manufactured according to strict quality criteria (choice of microbiotic strain, dosage, protection of the ingredients etc.), and is made in France in our production units.